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Comentário de Sílvia Mota em 22 maio 2017 às 20:59

Bela poeta e belo texto, que revela tua alma sensível.

Parabéns e muito sucesso sempre!


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Comentário de kapardeli eftichia em 21 maio 2017 às 19:11
Poetry is the personal stature of each person that is released intellectually in few verses. Poetry is given birth in a unique moment in a unique expression.  Poetry is the force that has the faculty to make you see deeply. When we read a poet through his works we see, realize and feel his sight, sense and voice.
 Certain poems resemble as drawing that however if it infiltrates no one in their space will distinguish the heavy charge of colours and meanings under their calm surface. Certain other resemble in a way they shine in the light with truths in the magic picture of world.  Poetry belongs to all persons of independent colour and race. It is a poetry that passes the borders of country and embraces the persons that seek a better world with Peace and Love.
In the past few years in the whole world I see the poets, authors and especially new children writing poetry. I pray to God that it should continue the way it goes on. I appreciate the efforts of all the poets included in this anthology and wish them all the best for their career as poets ahead.
                                                                                           E Ftichia Kapardeli (Greece)
                                                                                           Editor in Chief
Comentário de kapardeli eftichia em 21 maio 2017 às 19:09


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